Ares is a small planet of mostly featureless clay, similar to Mars of the Sol system. Before the Singularity Ares served as a stellar beachhead for Elysium near The Republic's capital. During this time, the majority of Ares' population was either military personnel or their family, and nearly all the planet's infrastructure was constructed for military use. Centuries later, Ares remains a highly militarized planet suitable to its name.

Environment Edit

Ares has a single, featureless environment of dry brown clay broken only by its highly dispersed terraformed cities and the roads that link them.

Populations Edit

Ares is currently the most contested planet in The Systems. The Beta Nova Suzerainty and the Deccaran Suzerainty are in full war over the planet's cities, with stellar war likely to occur at the moment one side begins to gain a decisive advantage. Roh maintains some presence on the planet, and has assimilated all other confederate states in a defensive pact against their belligerent imperial neighbors.

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