Gemma is a pearl colored planet named for its abundant crystal formations which make up most of the landscape. Gemma was the second planet settled by the humans of The Systems, and served as the capital of The Republic of Humanity for the many centuries it was the dominant power of The Systems until its collapse at the end of Heaven's War. Because of this, Gemma boasts an impressive population and is the most fully developed planet in The Systems by surface area.

Environment Edit

Gemma is a wet, mineral rich planet plagued by a unique weather phenomenon called desiccation storms. While the natural terrain of Gemma is swampy, large sedimentary rock formations scattered across innumerable milky lakes, desiccation storms occasionally form in the planet's dense atmosphere and violently sweep through the terrain, absorbing all moisture and leaving behind a entirely new terrain of crystal formations. The planet also holds three oceans which contain too much water to be effected by the desiccation storms, as well as two frozen poles where the desiccation storms rarely form and have little effect. Population centers tend to form near the oceans, where the excess moisture slows the chaotic shifting of terrain, and near the two poles, which are also relatively stable at the cost of uncomfortable temperature. With care, cities and towns can be built anywhere across even the driest crystal plains, utilizing various shielding and water circulation techniques while focusing the construction around the solid rock formations. Travel between any two locations on Gemma is notoriously difficult by land, however, due to the danger desiccation storms pose to travelers, the unpredictability of the crystal plains, and the perfect environment that unpredictability creates for the formation of myst.

Populations Edit

Beta Nova is a diversely populated planet. In descending of population:

Roh is the primary remnant of the The Republic of Humanity and retains much of the same culture and policy. The largest single state in the confederacy, Roh contains the majority of Gemma's population. Life in Roh on Gemma is said to be the stablest in The Systems, for which it draws equal approval and disapproval.

The Desert State's Union is a loose network of independent states under The Santified Confederacy with great variety. Generally these states are built in the less desirable land of Gemma, on solid spots in the deep desert, when factions or communities withing Roh become large enough to desire their own state. Many have grown to significant size and power.

The glimmer tribes refer to the otherwise unassociated communities outside of confederate or imperial control.

The Beta Nova Suzerainty maintains a token presence on Gemma, but is fiercely denied expansion by Roh. The Suzerainty's only March serves more as a large harbor for interaction between the Suzerainty and Empire at large and the people of Gemma.

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