The first planet settled by the original humans of The Systems, Lunath boasts the most developed infrastructure of any other mortal planet in its massive, single metropolis, Clockwork. Lunath also possesses the highest population of all mortal planets.

Environment Edit

Lunath's environment is divided into three categories; Clockwork, the artificial plains of the Lunath Suzerainty, and the inhospitable powder deserts.

Clockwork is the largest city in mortal space, so great in size that many refer to it not as a city but a unique biome. The original cities built by the first settlers have all long been absorbed by the mammoth metropolis, and thus clockwork is also popularly called the only city in Alpha Nova (though many large county's and states outside its borders often contest this). Clockwork is no less notable for its absurdly complex and powerful infrastructure built during the golden age of the Republic of Humanity long before The Singularity. Nearly the entire city is comprised of modular plates which can be moved upon massive tracts under the city, relocation anything from shuttles for passenger transport, to entire communities, buildings, plants, and parks. This powerful ability is the source of much of the city's conflict as confederate states are constantly in competition for control over greater parts of the city's machination, with losers often being literally moved by more dominant states to less valuable territory.

The Lunath Suzerainty has no desire to participate in such games, especially since such unavoidable conflict would likely result in constant war between the The Empire and The Confederacy. As a result, the lords of Lunath have taken to terraforming large zones of land outside clockwork into grassy, river strewn plains.

The natural landscape of Lunath is a desert of powder dangerous to the lungs and all insufficiently protected machinery which makes one marvel at how the first settlers ever managed to build here. Outside clockwork and the laboriously maintained plains of The Empire, this desert remains all that is to be explored of Lunath, though myst runs rampant through the rarely observed landscape, occasionally providing motivation for ever undaunted adventurers.

Populations Edit

Lunath is a primarily confederate planet, though The Empire still maintains a very significant presence. The major powers of Lunath can be divided into (ordered by population); The Clockwork Union, the Clockwork anarch, The Lunath Suzerainty, and the dust tribes.

The Clockwork Union is a subfederal union meant to establish some coherance to the interaction of Clockwork's numerous confederate states, especially as pertains to the control of the city's machinations and to trade. The Union is a practical plutocracy controlled by the richest of Clockwork's states, though each such state generally only cooperates with the others for its own gain or for defense against a force outside the union. The Union is entirely uninterested in expansion, and is entirely focused on maintaining its economic dominance over the Mortal Core.

The Clockwork anarch is a name given to the confederate states within Clockwork which do not belong to The Union. The name comes from the association with such states and the old Egalit Anarchy.

The Lunath Suzerainty is often considered the model of the idealized, chivalric vision of what imperial society should look like. Each March was terraformed specifically for its inhabitants, who migrated there specifically to participate in the growth of a new Avalonian populace and culture from the ground up. Clockwork walls most non-imperial society away, and the powder deserts keep out the rest. As a result, the marches of Lunath are highly insular, rich with history and culture that is entirely their own. With few external threats to unite them, however, the marches of Lunath are also infamously prone to infighting and intrigue as lords fight to reach the top of their regional hierarchy.

The dust tribes are unassociated tribes which have carved out tiny communities away from the highly territorial states of Clockwork which would quickly consume any populace not protected by Sancity nor Avalon.

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