The Singularity may refer either to the event which marks the beginning of the ad aeternum calender, or to the powers and entity of The Narrative in a highly general, and often more technological sense than the mystical implications of "The Narrative".

0AA Edit

When the arc carried the first settlers of The Systems to Alpha Nova the settlers were set behind the technological progress of Earth by several centuries, lost both to time in transit and time spent merely learning to survive in their new environment. This gap was sufficient for Earth to reach the end of technology, a moment called the technological singularity, when ascended minds capable of improving itself by exponential degrees in exponentially decreasing time achieved omnipotence. In this instant, the entire universe was filled by its new god, including The Systems, and the new calendar began.

The Singularity Edit

The Singularity typically refers to the physical body of the divine. It is unknown exactly how this body is divided between the different identities of The Narrative, however all seem to function using the same form.

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