The Systems (also Core Systems, Mortal Space, Or Mortal Stars) refer to the six star systems which settled by humanity between the departure from Sol and The Singularity. These include, in order of settlement: Alpha Nova, Beta Nova, Zuruck, Regnum, Esperon, and Sola. Each system contains a single inhabited planet except Beta Nova and Zuruck, which each contain two. These make the eight planets of The Systems, often referred to as the core or mortal planets. The alien planet Xenoden is sometimes counted as a ninth planet, and its system, Zarden, as the seventh system. When used this way, an alternative form such as Mortal Space or Core Systems is usually preferred to The Systems due the The Systems historic use excluding the alien world.

History Edit

In the early third millennium of the calendar used at that time, a ship left Earth bearing a large number of humans craving the adventure or total absolution of colonizing a distant star far more than they feared the impossibility of returning home after rolling off the dark energy ripple which was to carry them towards the galactic center. The trip was a success which deposited them in the system they called Alpha Nova, planning to expand humanity from here to even more new systems in the densely packed cluster of stars that surrounded them.

Once Lunath, the first settled planet, was tamed and the settlers had secured a stable home for their new civilization, expansion proceeded smoothly into the neighboring stars under the united flag of the Republic of Humanity. As the planets distant from The Republic's capital grew in strength and population, however, The Republic faced rebellion and fractured. Never again would The Systems have a unified governemnt, and the focus of humanity was focused inwards and away from further colonization. Rarely, small groups continue to build various facilities and even micro-countries in more distant systems.

Only a few years before The Singularity, a planet was discovered in the Zarden system which contained highly evolved and sapient alien life. The chaos of The Singularity, the distance of the planet, and disagreement over who or how all delayed settlement for a long time. However, there is now a significant human population on Xenoden and many flowers have access to mannequin forms, resulting in a recent relabeling of the system, by some, as a part of The Systems.

Interstellar Travel Edit

As faster than light travel is impossible with mortal technology, interstellar travel is a major undertaking with trips that last several months to a year. The provided picture shows the relative positions of the systems in a simplified 2D plane. It is important to remember that the stars of The Systems actually exist in 3-dimensional space, travel between stars not connected by lines is significantly longer than it appears.


For more information on the specifics of interstellar travel, see the Void Ships page.

The Galactic Myst Edit

The Galactic Myst refers to the endless myst which exists outside The Systems. The exact borders of The Galactic Myst are impossible to define, however it is extremely distant from The Systems with rare interaction with The Mortal Core save for a zone beyond Regnum which stabbed frighteningly near the system in 189AA, bringing with it a constant interaction with space-faring galatea to which Regnum and to a lesser extent Esperon have become specialized for dealing with.

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