Tumblera is an egg shaped planet with an exceptionally fast rotation, traits which give it its name. The surface of Tumblera is a chaotic, frozen hellscape of leaping boulders and mountains repelled from the surface of the planet every time they touch ground ground due to the centrifugal force of the planets spin. Terraforming such as surface is impossible, however the interior of the planet boasts rich mineral resources as well as the cheapest, most accessible and abundant natural power-source to be found across the mortal core in its complex geothermal network. Because of this, Tumblera's underground has been mined out and colonized extensively, though its population remains the lowest in The Systems. The Tumblera underground is entirly constructed with the centrifugal force of Tumblera's rotation substituting its actual gravity, in effect meaning all sturctures and inhabitants reside on the ceiling of the planet relative to the planet's core. Tumblera is considered immpossible to siege by most, due to orbital bombardment having to choose between ineffectually scorching the unused surface or destroying the planet utterly, and landing forces having no place to deploy once the easily defended or destroyed entrances to the underground are closed.

Environment Edit

All livable territory on Tumblera has been painstakingly carved through its deeper, stabler layers of solid stone. Because of the work required to create the empty volume, secure it against Tumblera's constant, violent quakes, and connect it to the equally difficult to construct life-supporting infrastructure, all while fighting against the alternating forces of the planets gravity and spin, usable property in Tumblera has great value to its inhabitants. Nearly all of Tumblera's population reside in rigorously engineered hive cities, possessing a famed architecture that uses minimalism functionalism on such a overwhelmingly large scale that it creates a uniquely grandiose austerity.

People Edit

The Bazryon Empire has held sovereignty over Tumblera since its founding in 21AA, long before the rise of The Sanctified Confederacy or Avalon Empire. However, Bazryon's proud history appears to be coming to a close, as it suffered a slow death from cultural rejection and diffusion into new states. The people of Tumberla can be divided into four categories.

The Bazryon Empire no longer possesses even the majority of Tumblera's population, much less its totality, however, it still has more presence than any other single national identity. Bazryon is in a state of decay, struggling to either cut its loses and redefine its borders around its still mostly stable core, or declare total war on the disinters and competitors in hope of reestablishing its past glory. Bazryon is a confederate state, though its relationship with the confederacy at large is highly strained by their refusal to conform to many confederate regulations back when the empire thought itself invincible.

Arskult is aptly described by its original name, the art cult, and is a rapidly growing state growing, cannibalizing the collapsing Bazryon Empire and growing strong as more and more of its population and resources migrate to the more attractive art cult. In 212AA the Bazryon Emperor, in an attempt to stop the percieved decline of traditional values as the time, outlawed all practice of the Sybarite religions. In response, a oportunistic enclave of blush perfecere founded a sanctist heresy, colloquially called 'the art cult', which substituted beauty where sanctity used solemnity. Not technically illegal according to the new law, but functionally embracing Sybarite values in a exotic new way, the art cult enjoyed a mass influx of jilted Anathemists and attempted to establish itself as an independant power. The first attempt failed, but the percieved unjustified use of force Bazryon emplyed in doing so sparked popular outrage and began the decline which plauges Bazryon to this day, and which has enabled the second, successful growth of the independent state of Arskult. Arskult is a classical republic, ruled by the original families of blush perfecere that founded the movement, and has also gained attention across the system for its peculiar matriarchal culture.

The shatter tribes refer to the otherwise mostly unassociated groups which have split off from Bazryon and have yet to consolidate into large enough communities to petition for statehood, an act which has been made artificially difficult by Bazyron's constant appeals to the confederacy.

The Tumblerian Suzerainty is the weakest suzerainty in the Avalon Empire, and until recent years was functionally nothing more than an Avalonian embassy in the Bazryon Empire. However, Bazryon's collapse has allowed the Suzerain to finally expand, welcoming any shatter tribes who wish to become imperial citizens to found their own fiefs under the Suzerain's flag. While still small, The Tumblerian Suzerainty enjoys oddly good relations despite the competitive circumstances with the other powers of Tumblera; as Bazryon has no wish to provoke the Avalonian Empire at large while dealing with so many problems at home, Arskult is happy to have a possible ally against a Bazryon mobilized fully against them in war, and the majority of shatter tribes appreciate the generous treatment thus far afforded them by the Suzerain. The Suzerainty's only real concern is actually their imperial neighbor, the Atlantean Suzerainty, desires to absorb the weak Tumblerian governments into its own territoy and create a Zuruck Suzerainty. Thus far, a rough alliance against such an external threat with the other powers of Tumblera, and Tumblera's nature as a fortress planet, has kept the Atlantean Suzerainty at by.

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